March 13th 2022:

What a competition! First Nations Cup in Montelibretti was a fantastic start for this season for the belgian equipe. A beautiful first pleace for the belgian team.

Individually Karin and Fletcha achieved a beautiful 8th place and with Ceres an 18th place in her first 4* S.

Now returning home with a very happy rider and happy horses!

March 7th 2023:

Karin is currently on her way to Montelibretti with Fletcha van ‘t Verahof (CCI4*- S nations cup) and with Ceres de la brasserie (CCI4 * - S). For more news and updates you can look at


February 1st 2023:

Today Karin and the students went to Waregem Sport Vlaanderen to learn more about conditional fitness for eventing horses. The tutorial was given by Carolien Munsters.