October 31st 2022:

Last week Karin participated in Kronenberg. She finished the long 3* with Namira and Ceres de la Brasserie where Namira ended in a 10th place and Ceres had a beautiful 4th spot! Encore un T participated in the 1* intro, and Karin is proud of the horse, although a bit disappointed in herself by taking the wrong direction in crosscountry and a mistake in the dressage test.

Karin was very pleased that the 2 Swiss owners of the horses where present in Kronenberg.

It was fun to work with the future champion horses. (photo Ceres de la Brasserie by Louie Wouters)

Results: https://www.rechenstelle.de/en/agenda/2022/kronenberg-4/

Ceres Kronenberg 2022
Ligniere 2 2022
Ligniere 2022

October 10th 2022:

You can still register!!

October 3rd 2022:

A little more feedback about Karin and Leipheimer's 4 star long competition in Lignière. A beautiful 6th place with a lovely dressage and cross country. The jumping went well, unfortionatelu took 1 bar through a mistake of my own, wich cost us a place in the top three.

Now on to the younger generation of horses! It can not only be Fletcha’s and Leipheimer’s time to shine, other horses will get the opportunity to shine with Karin as well!

September 29th 2022:

Karin is currently competing in Lignières with Leipheimer van ‘t Verahof (CCI4*-L) and with Olympic de Muze (CCI2*-S). For results and times you can check the following link. Good luck to them all!

September 20th 2022:

What a competition! A beautiful dressage, a “long”cross country and a technical jumping gave Karin and Fletcha an individual 26th place at the FEI World Equestrian Games 2022 in Pratoni.

Karin is very proud of the results she and Fletcha put down.

As for the Belgian team, unfortunately they ended in 8th place and only the first 7 countries could secure their place for the Olympic Games in Paris 2024.

Still, Karin is highly motivated and you will see more of her soon! Up to the next event; Lignieres with her spare horse from WEG Leipheimer Van T Verahof in CCI4*L !


September 15th 2022:

This week Karin and Fletcha van ‘t Verahof are in Pratoni, in Italy, to compete in the world championships. They will be riding their dressage test Tomorrow at 15.35h local time.

We already wish her the best of luck for tomorrow!

If you want to watch the event live, you can go to FEI World Championships Pratoni - Roma 2022 or you can look at the results on www.rechenstelle.de !

August 23th 2022:

What a competition! I'm happy with my 6th place, after a good dressage, cross-country and show jumping round, but am especially proud of the achievement of the Belgian riders and team in this year's Nation's Cup in Arville!

A huge congratulations to Tine Magnus with her first place, but also to the (other) Belgian riders in the competition.

Arville was my second competition after the fall in Haras de Jardy, and I really want to thank my trainers, the team coach, my team and last but not least my family, as without them I would not have been able to achieve this result.

I'm ready for the next challenge!

Picture by: Charlotte Van Houte

Arville 2022
Arville 2022 Tine Magnus

August 17th 2022:

The next 4 days Karin will be competing in the nations cup in Arville with Leipheimer van ‘T Verahof. On friday she will ride her dressage test. If you want to see the results you can find them on https://www.rechenstelle.de/en/agenda/2022/arville/.

Good luck Karin and Leipheimer!

August 15th 2022:

We're very proud of Karin and Fletcha's accomplishment in Haras du Pin. Especially as it was her first competition after Karin's fall in Jardy. Onwards to the next competition, the Belgian Championship in Arville!

©L&M Photographie

August 11th 2022:

Karin is currently preparing for the 4 star in Haras du Pin, where she will participate with Fletcha van 't Verahof. Tomorrow they will compete in the dressage, in the cross-country on Saturday and in the jumping on Sunday.

May 29th 2022:

The Belgian TV channel HippoTv is showing the new documentary about the Belgian female horseback riders. They showed the first episode today, which featured Karin!

Don't worry if you missed it, they are showing it again tomorrow (Monday) at 14.30h and at 20.00h, on Tuesday at 07.30h and at 16.30h, on Wednesday at 14.00h, 15.30h, 20.00h and 22.00h, on Friday at 11.00h and 17.00h and finally on Saturday at 09.30h and midnight.


Or you can click here!

For the second episode you can click here!

© HippoTV

May 25th 2022:

All welcome!!

CIC Minderhout-Meerle: 30/6 - 3/7/2022

BK ponies, juniors & Young Riders


May 19th 2022:

Soon on HippoTv! A series called “amazones”, where you can see Karin and her team shine in 2 episodes we will keep you posted!

You can find the video in the near future! 

May 17th 2022:

We are very proud to announce that Karin and Joris Vanspringel have been inducted to the Eventing Hall of Fame!

Congrats to them both!

hall of fame 2022
hall of fame kd2022
hall of fame jvs2022

April 27th 2022:

As mentioned earlier, Karin participated in Strzegom and ended in a respectable 5th place with Leipheimer van ‘T Verahof in the CCI4* S. She also obtained results with Cunta Z and Encore un T. Karin is very pleased with the results she got with Leipheimer and expects more from him in the future.

You can see the video of Cunta Z on the facebookpage.

If you want to see Leipheimers jumping you can click on the link : https://youtu.be/oBRNZkKqj0E

April 24th 2022:

Once again, Karin had the honour to receive the title of Sportswoman of the Year in her hometown of Hoogstraten. Unfortunately Karin was unable to receive the award herself, as she is currently competing in Strzegom, so one of her biggest fans received it in her place.

Congratulations Karin!

Click on the link for a video:


April 20th 2022:

Karin is currently on her way to the Strzegom Spring Open where she will compete with Leipheimer van ‘T Verahof and Cunta Z in the CCI4*-S and with Encore un T in the CCI 1* intro. Please click on the link below for extra information and results.

Good luck Karin!

Check the link below: 


April 16th 2022:

Even the oldies are happy to go out! You can see Magnolia (20 years), Unique ( 18 years) and Unica (25 years) stretching their legs :D

Check the link below:


April 4th 2022:

Here we see Pinokkio at work in Lion d’Angers during the World Championship last year. His first time out since then was at Kronenberg last week, where he and Karin finished 4th in the CCI2* L.

(C) Audrey Riou

February 20th 2022:

Little funfact! Between 2008 and 2021 Karin has won 50 international competitions! Congratiulations and up to the next 50! 

February 4th 2022:

Teamwork makes the dream work!


January 24th 2022:

Since Sunday you can watch a small report about horse photographer Dirk Caremans on the Belgian TV channel “Plattelandstv”. In this episode he brings a portrait of Karin Donckers, the well known eventing rider. The times that this report will be shown are:

Jan 25th: 07:30am and 4:30pm
Jan 26th: 2:00pm, 3:30pm, 8:00pm and 10:00pm
Jan 27th: 07:30am, 09:30am and 2:30pm
Jan 28th: 11:00am and 5:00pm
Jan 29th: 09:30am and 00:00am

© Dirk Caremans